What we do

Action Housing and Support’s primary business area of is the provision of support, accommodation, advice and related services to a wide range of vulnerable groups. We provide these services to over 700 individuals at any one time.

Our main services are packages of support, either on a floating support or accommodation-based model. This support is primarily focussed on enabling clients establish a home and live responsibly in the society, personalised to the individual and can include help and advice to:

• access suitable accommodation

• prevent homelessness

• maximise income

• manage debt

• budget responsibly

• enter treatment services

• reduce likelihood of reoffending

In addition we have developed bond schemes to support individuals to access accommodation in the private-rented sector, and we have developed a pilot social lettings scheme for landlords.  Over the last 5 years we have diversified into work directly with Probation Trusts and Local Authorities to provide a wider range of community-based support services to offenders and other vulnerable people.

During 2011 we became as a Registered Provider of Social Housing with the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and a key area for our future development is the provision of affordable homes for vulnerable people. We have a growing portfolio of housing across Yorkshire and the Midlands. The majority of our stock is used to provide supported housing. However we are currently expanding our general needs units following on from an award from the HCA. This grant will support our ongoing work with Empty Homes Teams to bring back into use disused and dilapidated houses, positively impacting on local communities.

As an organisation we have over 30 years of experience working with individuals and families, enabling them to establish a home and live responsibly in society, by promoting self-confidence and autonomy. We develop independence through empowering people to recognise what they can do, and provide support in areas where there is a need. 

Action Housing and Support recognise that to deliver sustainable, efficient and meaningful services to individuals we need to combine ‘traditional’ methods of support with innovation and creativity. Through the traditional approach of housing-related support we have delivered excellent results throughout the Midlands and South Yorkshire regions, and this will remain the cornerstone of our support services. We have recognised, however, the need to develop a strategy that continues to deliver outcomes but allows implementation of our ethos of moving individuals away from dependency on services towards a believable and sustainable route to a better future. This is our HOPE™ strategy.

HOPE™  means:

Homes not houses

Opportunities to learn a living

Pride and a sense of purpose

Employability and earned income

It is shifting the culture of our company away from delivery of services to vulnerable people towards their active choice to participate in activities that improve their quality of life. We have successfully implemented this strategy in Rotherham where clients have been working on the refurbishment and development of social housing, improving their skills and confidence, undergoing formal training and improving employability, whilst creating affordable homes for themselves and the wider community. To read more about HOPE™ click here