The HOPE™ Strategy is an integrated approach to addressing the multiple challenges of homelessness, worklessness, and hopelessness at one and the same time. It is designed to bring measureable benefit to homeless and vulnerable people, third sector agencies, public sector authorities, private sector entities, and by extension, both local communities and society at large, by delivering a sustainable solution through wealth creation and a break in the cycle of benefits dependency. Whilst there are those who might describe it as The Big Society, HOPE™ is best described as a philosophy, a policy, a strategy, a brave ambition and perhaps even, a moral imperative.

The solution is to integrate the problems faced by vulnerable people and those who have a vested interest in meeting their needs, and realise the opportunities to create both social and economic wealth in the process.

The construct is to work together across voluntary, public, and private sectors to take properties that are dilapidated or decaying, and spaces that are disused or derelict, and develop programmes of integrated activity that engage and educate vulnerable and homeless people in the therapeutic creation of their own homes and jobs.

Properties that are renovated can become assets of the charities who manage the programmes of support that make it real, and the same charities can become partners in businesses and services that emerge. A strategy that supports even the most vulnerable to take responsibility for their own lives and livelihoods will impact the well being of those individuals and in doing so, the communities in which they seek to make their contribution.

Read the HOPE™ Abstract and Proof of Concept


Current Developments

Action Housing and Support officially commenced our HOPE property refurbishment program in September 2012 on our first units in Maltby, South Yorkshire.

This significant milestone has been the collective efforts of Action Housing and Support, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Rotherham College of Art and Technology and South Yorkshire Probation Trust. Representatives from all of the above agencies demonstrated their commitment to HOPE at this event, along with local councillors and residents from Maltby.

This program has been further enhanced by empty homes funding from the Homes and Communities Agency, to deliver a range of high quality, affordable social housing over the next 3 years.

Since the official launch refurbishment work has been progressing well with former empty homes being internally stripped down to brickwork and timbers with the assistance of Community Payback teams.

Phase two will see Rotherham College building students commencing work on plumbing, joinery and plasterwork. This will also involve the input and development of our social apprentice program, giving HOPE to a range of vulnerable people in Rotherham as they develop their own skills and employability through the creation of homes for themselves and their community.