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Through the creation of a range of social enterprise opportunities Action Housing and Support provides real work options to those most excluded from the labour market. We support people into employment, capturing and promoting their achievements, backed up with improved self-confidence and aspiration. We work with both private sector partners and Local Authorities to achieve sustainable solutions and create enterprise.

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HOPE™ is our road map for the future. As a concept it addresses the fundamental barriers experienced by vulnerable people, whilst integrating individual support, community involvement and social enterprise. In practice it provides holistic solutions to empty houses, worklessness and provides purposeful activity; delivering positive impacts for both the individual and the communities in which they live.

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Action Housing and Support works with vulnerable people to establish a home and live responsibly in society. Our services extend throughout South Yorkshire and the Midlands; working with a wide range of individuals often with multiple needs. Our services are commissioned by Local Authorities and Probation Trusts. We provide a wide range of housing, both supported and general needs.

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